Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We still sleep in the chair sometimes.


marie Lester said...

You are already such a great Dad......
LOVE and dedication to your daughter just radiates from you. Marie Lester

Granpa & Grandma T said...

To our precious Camilla,
We enjoyed our visit with you last Sunday. Although you were asleep most of the time, it's okay that we couldn't hold you yet, but soon when your stiches are all healed. We were content just looking at you and touching you. We couldn't stop looking at you, it was hard to leave you. You truly are beautiful, we are blessed to have you.
We love you.
Grandpa and Grandma T

Anonymous said...

Camilla says, "I don't have a worry in the world as long as Daddy is holding me".

Lovely picture of Camilla and the new dad.

Tita Remi