Sunday, July 10, 2005

Here is a nice story that my mother sent. It's about a 19 year old girl in Rochester who was also born very early. She had a lot of trouble early on but is doing well today, though she does have some cerebral palsy.

It is sometimes difficult to be both hopeful and accepting of all the facts. It's not good to assume the worst, but I also don't like to pretend that everything is ok for Camilla. Doing so would not really be honest, and I feel that such an attitude would not show an appreciation for what Camilla has gone through and the challenges she faces.

Although Camilla did not have surgery last week, her hydrocephalus is still an issue and her head is still getting larger. It is possible that this problem will go away without need for a shunt, and that is certainly what we would prefer, but it might not, and she may need more surgery soon. Either way, she is still our sweet baby Camilla.


Anonymous said...

So, how many sticks of butter does Camilla weigh now?

Abby said...

I'm Abby (the chaplain from UCSF).
I just read through the entire blog, and I am SO happy Camilla is home with her loving parents.
Paul, I can see that this blog is a great way for you to process all the crazy events and the fear and the joy.

I will continue to read as Camilla grows older.
Blessings on your family.