Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Camilla keeps life from getting too predictable. She was scheduled for surgery at 7:30. They prepared her to go down to surgery, and the operating room called to have her sent down, but when her neurosurgeons got together to do the final review of her most recent ultrasound, they decided that she doesn't require a shunt just yet. Maybe she will need one, maybe she won't. Her hydrocephalus is still uncertain and unresolved. Camilla will keep us in suspense.

If she's not going to get surgery, then she doesn't need to be in the hospital anymore. This is both very exciting, and somewhat terrifying. She will do well at home though. We're still not certain when she will arrive, maybe later this week.

Today we finally went to the store and bought a car seat, crib, and all that other baby paraphernalia, almost 11 weeks after our baby was born.


Anonymous said...

How overwhelming it all must seem to you but oh so joyous at the same time. This is the bright spot in my day and enjoy your sharing your lives with everyone. I look forward to the newest pictures and the progress that can be seen in Camilla's face as she faces each new day. With strength and the love surrounding her, I have no doubt that God has given her a truly great and special purpose. A blessing for us all to acknowledge.

Rahul and Cory said...

We are glad to see that Camilla is doing and, from the looks of things, feeling better. We are contining to pray for a safe trip home.