Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Part of the terror comes from not knowing when the trouble will end. Camilla was born 14 weeks early, which lead to bleeding in her brain, which caused hydrocephalus, which required surgery to place a reservoir, which opened the way for an infection to cause meningitis, which required more surgery and treatment... Last friday, Camilla's weekly head ultrasound showed several unusual spots on her brain. Nobody was sure what they were, so on monday they did a CT-scan to get a better look. This new scan doesn't show the spots, so it's less likely to be a new infection; hopefully it was just an imaging artifact on the ultrasound. What the scan does make clear is that her brain simply isn't as large as it should be, which isn't too surprising given that it spent many weeks compressed due to her hydrocephalus. An MRI will provide better images and enable the doctors to make more predictions, but ultimately it will be up to her, and we really won't know the full consequences for a number of years. She continues to behave just fine though.

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