Monday, June 13, 2005

On Saturday, Camilla was furious. It's really very painful to see her so upset, though it's good that she is strong enough to be kicking and screaming. Today she was much happier and mostly just slept. She's now back to "full feeds", which are currently 30 ml every 3 hours, and that helps a lot.


Anonymous said...

Dear Camilla April,

You look very beautiful this morning.

Hi to Mom and Dad.

We love you,

Tito Ely and Tita Maria

auntie May MAy said...

Hello sunshine nice to see you look very healthy and i really hope to come see you and your mommy and daddy soon. I miss you all and cousin Izen wants to see you already. It's okay he'll just have to wait until your ready to see him. I want to hold you already. Big HUGS and KISSES love always auntie May, uncle Jeff and cousin Izen!!!!!!

Mister_T said...

Dearest Camilla
How's my fast growing niece doing?
You're looking better and better every day. Remind your parents to keep taking beauty shots of you - Keep smiling (and eating).

We love you -