Friday, June 24, 2005

The drain was removed from Camilla's head on Thursday morning. We still don't know if she will need a permanent shunt or not, but surgery is tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday. Now that the drain is gone, we can again spend more time holding her. It is difficult and discouraging to see the results of Camilla's brain scans and be told that the damage is likely to cause severe disabilities, but it helps to hold her, to see her look up at us and smile. Camilla is strong, and she gives that strength to the rest of us.

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Anonymous said...

Camilla is a gift to all of us. We can love her without any conditions. As her parents, she will give it back to you tenfold.

My cousin, Matthew, has severe disabilities due to complications surrounding premature birth. He is in his late 20's now. He needs constant care, uses a walker, and sometimes his frustration gets the best of him.
I know his parents wouldn't have him any other way. They are hooked on the love that he shows them, the sweet things that he says, the pure happiness that he has just for being alive and being loved.
I can see that she's already given you many blessings.