Monday, May 16, 2005

Time for more surgery. Camilla is going to have a PDA ligation performed tomorrow morning. They will cut a little hole in her side and put a small metal clip on a blood vessel near her heart. This should help her get off of the ventilator and also make it safer for her to start eating again.


Anonymous said...

If the other grandparents will allow , I believe that I am articulating a sentiment reflective of theirs as well -

Our most dear and precious granddaughter, how deeply pained we feel for the things you are enduring and the hurts you are subjected to because of these required medical procedures. Oh, how we wish and pray that we can spare you and take upon ourselves all these that you are going through.

In all our helplessness though, we place our faith and trust on our Lord God and fervently pray and beseech Him to continue to extend His mercy and covering on you dearest one.

We Love you very much.

GrandPa T.

Anonymous said...

Dear Camilla,

Last Saturday 5/14/05, your cousin Steven had a baseball game. His first time up he hit a homerun. He told us "THAT WAS FOR CAMILLA".

Love you and say "HI" to Mom and Dad.

Our love and prayers are with you tomorrow during your surgery.

Tito Ely and Tita Maria