Saturday, December 27, 2008

Camilla at her physical therapist's office. Lately, she's been really enjoying her sessions with Janet and her Occupational Therapist, Gwen. Even though she's been going to the same place for almost three years now, lately it appears that she's coming into her own and really starting to explore the space and all the toys within it.

Play is such an important component in a child's development and although Camilla is no stranger to it, she is showing that she is reaching a new level of play that is more sophisticated. She is engaging in play that is deeper and longer lasting, letting her own creativity take shape and applying more imagination in what she's doing. A more engaged type of play involving the imagination is very important in how a child makes sense of the world. It's a foundation to relating with others, problem solving, as well as many other applications. Watching Camilla play provides another peek into how she sees and moves about in the world.

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