Thursday, March 01, 2007

Camilla knows her name!


Anonymous said...

Not quite as good as the real thing, but even virtually, she is just so darn cute.

Jenna said...

Sorry for the intrusion (and I hope you don't mind), but I found your blog while searching for info on my 2-month-old son's condition. He was also a preemie (although a late one at 34 weeks), and had a grade 3 ivh that resulted in hydro and a shunt.

Seeing how well Camilla is doing gives me so much hope. She’s a beautiful little girl – you must be so proud. Hearing stories like Camilla’s help families like ours who are new to this, so thank you! I really can’t explain how happy seeing her current pictures made me feel.

(And strangely enough, we also live in the Bay Area, although our surgery was done at Children's Hospital in Oakland...)

Best of luck to your family, and to "not-so-little-anymore" Camilla!