Friday, September 09, 2005

Camilla seems to be recovering nicely. There is one troubling issue though; her cerebral-spinal fluid samples contain staph bacteria. Typically, infections are treated by removing the shunt and going back to an external drain until the infection is completely cleared. However, she doesn't have any symptoms of the infection, her shunt is new, and there is very little bacteria in the samples, so they are putting her on antibiotics instead. Sadly, the antibiotic she is receiving needs to be delivered intraveniously. This is somewhat complicated for Camilla because she has had so many IVs in her life. She is like a tiny junkie; her veins are all damaged and it is very difficult to find a good one for a new IV. After many tries, they finally got one in today, and if all goes well she can come home from the hospital in a few days. We are staying in the hospital with her. April took this picture with her cell phone.

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