Thursday, August 18, 2005

Camilla is doing better. She seems a bit worn out, but she's calm and eating. By the way, the "Camilla archives" have thousands of pictures from the last couple of months.


Anonymous said...

cute pictures!

Ann Kornaros said...

Dear April and Paul,
I have been praying for Camilla and anxiously checking your website ever since I received an email regarding Camilla's situation.

I am so happy to see how well Camilla is looking - so much healthier and filling out in such a beautiful way.

Just wanted you to know that I will continually be praying for Camilla to grow and be a happy and healthy child.

Blessings to you all,
Ann Kornaros

Anonymous said...

We have been following Camilla's story and have given her blogspot to others.
She appears to be doing much better.
Last night I spoke to someone whose mother was born at 6 mo. (in 1923) and had a great life.

Love and prayers,

Paul Hoeting