Saturday, April 30, 2005

There was a lot of good news this week, but unfortunately we've also received some not so good news. The results of Camilla's head ultrasound came back, and it appears that she had a grade-3 intraventricular hemorrhage. This is not as bad as a grade-4 IVH (which is really bad), but it is frequently associated with a variety of developmental problems. Apparently it is a "mild" grade-3 though, so hopefully things will still work out ok (and in many cases they do), but it will be years before we really know. I hope to learn more in the next few days.

By the way, I'd like to thank everyone who has called and emailed, and also apologise for being so slow to respond. Dealing with all of this requires a surprising amount of time and energy.

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Anonymous said...

Have been following your site on news of your daughter..Michael alerted me to it...our love and prayers go out to you.
Doug and Donna Hylkema